4-H Project Gift

A mission to donate gifts to families during Christmas led by the 4-H Middlesex County Teen Council

What Is Project Gift?

Project Gift is an event held every year by the Middlesex 4-H Teen Council. The project started back in 1997, where the Teen Council provided holiday gifts to needy families. These gifts were not anonymous, making the project unique.

What We Do

Throughout the year, the Teen Council holds fundraisers in order to amass enough money for Project Gift. We then buy presents for children of all ages, wrap them, and set up rows of tables filled with these gifts.

What are the Junior and Teen Councils

Both the Junior and Teen Council are part of the 4-H program, helping youth learn and engage in community service throughout their childhood.

Who We Reach

We currently reach approximately 350 youth from 135 different families, representing 13 different agencies. We also work with welfare-to-work agencies, battered womens shelters and programs, family shelters, ESL programs, housing authorities, and more.

Who helps us

Over 80-85 teens from the Junior and Teen Council and 10 adult volunteers help with Project Gift each year.

How We Fundraise

In order to have enough money to host something of the size of Project Gift, the Junior and Teen Council work hard throughout the year. One of our biggest fundraising events is hosting a Haunted House in October. This project takes weeks to set up, and we spend hours working on building all the walls of the haunted house.

Why We're Asking For Donations

Due to Covid-19, we're no longer able to fundraise using the Haunted House. It is impossible to work on such a large project without coming in close contact of one another. Therefore, Project Gift is in dire need of funding.

What If You Can't Donate

If you're unable to donate, please at least spread the word. Share this website with your friends and family. Together, we can come together and raise enough money to continue this project.

How Much We Normally Raise

From the Haunted House event, we tend to raise upwards of $8,000 annually. All of this money is put into hosting this event. It is very expensive, but also very rewarding.


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